The Decline of Western Civilisation? (PG18)

America’s Descent into Poverty. 

50 million Americans live in poverty. 

Crumbling infrastructure. 

In this age of modern technology, medical advances, and an International Space Station, it seems incredible that the vital infrastructure of the United States, the world’s most powerful nation, is collapsing. The major challenge? Tightened purse strings.

Drug Culture.

23.7 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. That’s %10 of then population. That’s one in every ten Americans over the age of 12.

The streets of lost souls and forgotten dreams.
On her way to meet another addict.
Famous meeting point for addicts.

Moral Collapse of America.

It is a crying shame that America, the greatest nation on Earth, a place where anything is possible has lost its moral standing. The culprit behind this decline? Simple  :Mainstream media, television, the internet, music and cell phones.

America’s acceptance of sexual immorality is on an all time high.
From Hannah Montana to ….

“A more perfect union”. Obama hails court ruling on gay marraiges.
Celebration outside the Supreme Court after gay marriage made legal.


Over the course of two decades the United States have taking in million of Illegal immigrants that has changed the character of the nation.

Political Correct Mental Illness?

Angela Merkel invites one million Syrian or middle eastern refugees into Germany.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel invited into Europe one million, mainly Muslim, refugees.

One will expect that that the refugees will respect the European people (who were apparently  kind enough to let them in their country their right to choose who else they decide to let in. Instead “some” reciprocate this gesture with acts of rape, violence against citizens (mostly women), acts of terrors and a bizarre sense of entitlement.

Acts of violence against European women Is rampant but the media tries its very best hush and bury these stories.

Incidences of sexual molestation and rape of German women by some cowardly refugee was reported by the media on New Year Day.

The very next day Germans *mostly women* came out in droves to apologise to the refugees for raping and molesting  women.

Rape Capital of the world. 

In September 2015 this Swedish woman was gang raped and killed by primitive refugee bastards.

France has the highest muslim population in Europe. According to the CIA WORLD FACT BOOK there are 5.7 million Muslims living in France.

Trailing not too far behind is Germany, with 4.7 million Muslims.

There are an estimated 70 Sharia Councils in the UK.

An aged and rapidly declining population and low birth rate relative to the rest of the world. A fifth of the population of Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Portugal is 65 years and above.

Japan is purported to be the country with the highest proportion of elderly citizens. According to a UN Report %33.0 of the Japanese population is above the age 65.This problem is compounded by Japans strict imigration policies whih frowns upon the idea of multiculturalism.

Since Germany’s open door policy on Middle Eastern refugees in 2015 there has been dozens of attacks in France, Belguim, Germany, Spain,…leave over 300 people dead.

Lacking the sophistication and resource of the United States to combat terror Europe has gone from the land of freedom and prosperity to a continent under siege and living in sheer terror.

woman cries near le-petit-cambodge restaurant in Paris.


The Rise of China.

The center of Economic power has moved from the West to China in recent years. Today China is effectively the richest nation on the planet. The country has the largest foreign reserve in the world with a staggering $3 trillion.

China has a GDP of nearly $16 trillion.
Shanghai skyline

China’s Military Power.

China spends $150 billion a year on defense and has over the years built up and modernised its military. China today has the 2nd most powerful military  in conventional terms and has the largest armed forces in the world.

With 2 million active duty troops China has the world’s largest military.

China has made great progress in modernising its armed forces,


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